Int. & B. FTCH Ragweed's Keed

Male *06.03.2010
Sire: GB FTCH Millcottage Pathfinder
Dam: Ragweed's Joplin
Breeder: Stefanie Latham

Titles, Trials & Tests

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International Field Trial Champion

Belgium Field Trial Champion

4th Excellent Field Trial European Championship Denmark (ICC)
1st Belgium Retriever Championship

3rd Belgium Retriever Championship

Diploma "Very Good" Italian Retriever Championship  

About Ragweed's Keed

Int. & B. FTCH Ragweed's Keed is my most successful dog so far and in many ways a very special dog. He impresses with his calm, friendly and sovereign character. Whether on a trial, picking up or in everyday life - Keed is always the rock. With his power and style he achieved many special awards over the years, such as "Most stylish Dog", "Guns Choice" or "Judges Choice".
Keed has won many Field Trials during his active career. Whether Walk Up Trial, Driven Trial, Water - no matter if hare, Canada goose, snipe, pheasant or duck - you can rely on Keed. He is the perfect all-rounder and at home in any terrain. Keed is International Field Trial Champion and Belgian Field Trial Champion, furthermore he could win the Belgian Retriever Championship and once achieved the 3rd place. At the European Retriever Championships (ICC) Keed could achieve an excellent 4th place, in the same year he got a Diploma with Very Good at the Italian Retriever Championship. Also on workingtests Keed was many times in the awards and successfully participated in international events (IWT, Chatsworth).


Keed is in well-deserved retirement, but he still joins me regularly on huntings and pciking ups and is also a big help in training with the youngsters. I hope that this special dog will stay many more years at my side.

"One of my best friends never said a word to me."

Oscar Wilde

Please stay a little longer! How long? "A lifetime." 


Results & Events

IWT in Italy

ICC - Field Trial European Championship, Denmark
4. Platz Excellent

International Open Field Trial (CACIT) in Holland
1st Excellent CACIT/CACT

National Open Field Trial (CACT) in Belgium
1st Excellent CACT

Italian Championship (CACIT/ CACT)
Diploma, Very Good

Workingtest Final Open Class, Belgium
2nd, Excellent

CACT Open Field Trial in Belgium
1st Excellent CACT

Inernational Team Workingtest, Chatsworth (GB)

Novice Field Trial Belgium
1st Excellent

Belgium Retriever Championship
3rd Excellent

Belgium Retriever Championship
Championship Winner
1st Excellent CACIT/CACT

Mock Trial Novice
1st Excellent

Workingtest Schloss Liebenberg

If you have any questions about Ragweed's Keed, please feel free to contact me.


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