Ragweeds Grand Wheeler is our promising offspring and will soon be approved as a stud dog. He has developed wonderfully and captivates with his very friendly and open nature. He is a medium sized, sporty male with very nice muscling and a very sweet, gentle expression. Wheeler loves all people and they love him. Already as a puppy he was very focused and concentrated, paired with his enormous joy of working and his drive, working together with him is just fun. He learns very fast and always wants to please. We are very happy about this highly talented dog and looking forward to the future. 


*26.03.2018 - soon at stud -

Hips: A2 / A2
Ellbows: Grenzfall / free

Eyes: free 04/2019
PRA: clear
SD2: clear
EIC: clear
CNM: clear
HNPK: clear


Temperament Test: passed
Today the 15 month old Labrador shows a lot of temperament, movement and playing behaviour. He pursues goals perseveringly, is attentive and fearless. He loves to retrieve. He has a trusting bond to his owner and shows a lot of will to please. He approaches people very friendly, in a circle of people and in side position he feels safe and trustful. The male dog starts hunting when he hears a gun shot. In the optical and acoustic area he is very curious and completely safe. A very active, friendly male dog who loves to retrieve and is totally secure in all test situations. 



Ragweeds Grand Wheeler

Besitzer: Caroline Koch

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