Ragweeds Grand Wheeler is a very smart, stylish, fast young dog by GB FTCH Balmuir Replay of Cairngryffe. He has a lovely temperament and is just a pleasure to train. Already as a puppy he was very focused, keen and concentrated. He is a very loyal and gentle dog, always wants to please. We are very happy about this highly talented dog and looking forward to the future with him. In 2020 we plan to run him on Workingtests and hopefully Trials as well. 


If you are interested in Wheeler as a stud or further information, please contact us.



Hips: A2 / A2
Elbows: 0 / I 

Eyes free 04/2019
PRA: clear
SD2: clear
EIC: clear
CNM: clear
HNPK: clear



Dummy Test, very good (3rd place)



CACIB very good (1st place)



MP3 Audio Datei 4.3 MB
MP3 Audio Datei 6.4 MB


Ragweeds Grand Wheeler

Owner: Caroline Koch

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