B-Litter 06.08.2020

 Quick Stepers Glenlivet x Ragweed's Fifty-Fifty



5 males / 2 bitches

All puppies are already sold.


About Quick Stepers Glenlivet "Glen"

For my B-litter I have decided for a dog which I know already since he is a puppy. Glen is an athletic, compact, medium sized male with a lovely head. He loves to work and is just nice for the eye with his drive and style. Beside all his passion, Glen is a very easy to handle, soft dog who always wants to please. His owner competed with him successfully at tests like German Cup, Open Mock Trials, Workingtests and Cold Game Tests. In daily life Glen is a very friendly, well balanced dog who is uncomplicated with people and other dogs. 




Linkwood B

* 06.08.2020



Quick Stepers Glenlivet

Hips B2/B1, Elbows 0/0,  PRA, CNM, EIC, HNPK clear, SD2 carrier, eyes free

Garronpoint Fitty FTCH Eastdale Harry
Garronpoint Spree
Quick Steppes C'est Viva la Vita FTCH Ffynongain Lincon
Quick Step Jody of Mountain Forest Glade
Ragweed's Fifty-Fifty
Hips A2/A2, Elbows 0/0,  PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2, HNPK clear, eyes free
GB FTCH Fendawood Ale GB FTCH Mediterian Blue
Int. FTCH Ragweed's Greedy
Jersey Girls Ivy Int. FTCH Ragweed's Travel
Jersey Girls Fancy Phoebe


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